595 Springhill, Naperville, IL 60563

Welcome to the Ajax FC Family!

First and foremost, thank you for joining AjaxFC Naperville. It is our privilege to have you and we are excited to invite you with a warm welcome to our team of families. By joining Ajax, you should know that your player(s) have everything to gain in our program from friendship, professional mentorship, team camaraderie, character building, basic and advanced soccer skills and training — direct paths toward their success.

This form will get a jump start into registration, basic league information and suiting up!

Youth Player Commitment Application

We are pleased to confirm your invitation to play on the Ajax FC Naperville Roster for the 2020-21 playing season. We are very excited about your team’s prospects and your role in that success.

This affirms your commitment to join Ajax FC Naperville, and we ask that you complete the form below and return it with your $100 commitment fee, payable by check or credit, immediately upon receipt. This commitment fee will be applied to your player fee for the 2020-21 playing season.  The player fee includes at least 1  local tournament but does not include indoor league fees or uniform costs . 


We look forward to your accepting our invitation and helping your child achieve the next level in competitive soccer.

    I accept this position on the Ajax FC Naperville Roster. I understand that I am making a full year commitment to my team. I further understand that I must abide by Club and team rules and any failure to do so can affect my playing time. I will exhibit a good attitude, 100% effort and good sportsmanship at all club-related activities. My parents and I understand that completing payment of my player fees is a requirement of team participation. I understand that club player fees are non-refundable, except in case of season-ending injury or relocation. I understand that my $100 commitment deposit is also non-refundable and will be applied to my 2020-21 player fees.


    Signature of Guardian


      shirt size
      shorts size
      sox size
      choose 3 numbers so we can see what's available

      To complete your player’s registration,  you will need to download and fill out two additional documents, including providing a copy of their birth certificate and a current photo.  Please email completed forms to Megan@ajaxfcnaperville.com

      YSSL Registration Form (boys)

      IWSL Registration (girls)

      IYSA Medical Release Form S20

      To order your player’s uniform, please follow this link to our AJAX FC TEAM PAGE and create an account.